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2022 Guide to Hair Toppers for Women's Thinning Crown | Daniel Alain

A hair topper may be the perfect solution to conceal a thinning crown. Visit Daniel Alain to find out everything you need to know about women's hair...

9 min read


2022 Human Hair Wig Buying Guide - How to Buy Your First Wig | Daniel Alain

Thinking about wearing a wig? There's important factors to consider when buying a wig for the first time. Check out Daniel Alain's Wig Buying Guide.

15 min read


7 Tips for Wearing Wigs in the Summer

What are some best practices for wearing wigs in the summer? Daniel Alain provides advice to make the best of your summer while keeping your wig...

11 min read


Best Hairstyles for Female Hair Loss & Traction Alopecia's Sufferers | Daniel Alain

Visit Daniel Alain to find out the best hairstyles to minimize the signs of Traction Alopecia and learn about one of the best methods to keep your...

3 min read


Can Traction Alopecia be Reversed? When Is It Too Late Too Late To Recover | Daniel Alain

Visit Daniel Alain's Blog to find out how to reverse traction alopecia and learn preventative measures that can be taken. INTACT Anti Hair Shedding...

3 min read